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Geoagiu Bai (Romania)



In 2006, the European Commission through the General Directorate for Enterprise and Industry, Tourism Unit, launched the EDEN Project - European Destinations of Excellence.
The objectives of the project follow the major objectives of EU tourism policy: sustainability, decongestion of classical destinations, combating seasonality, redirecting tourist flows to non-traditional destinations, supporting networking between project participants.
The destination of excellence in each country participating at the project,  is selected following a competition at national level, organised by the national tourism authorities. The general selection criteria are proposed by the Commission and the specific criteria are elaborated according to Commission’s suggestions by the organisers at national level.
Thus, at European level the annual theme is established, within the Tourism Advisory Committee, the general selection criteria and suggestions for the specific selection criteria are elaborated, the call for proposals is launched and the awarding ceremony is organised. At national level, following the approval of the project, the competition is organised and then the awarding of the selected destination.
In 2010 the EDEN theme was „aquatic tourism”, Romania, participating for the third time within the project, through the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism. The destination designated as the European Destination of Excellence in Romania was Geoagiu Bai.
The previous EDEN destinations of Romania are: in 2008 Horezu for the theme intangible local heritage and in 2009 Apuseni Nature Park for the theme  tourism and protected areas.
The awarding of all EDEN Destinations throughout Europe for the theme  aquatic tourism, took place during a festive gala, in Brussels, on 27 September 2010, with the occasion of European Tourism Day. The gala was officiated by Mr. Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry.
On the same day, the conference „The role of European Heritage and cultural itineraries in the renewed European tourism policy”, took place within the Charlemagne building, the destinations’ representatives being invited to attend the conference and also to present themselves with a stand in the hall of the building.
On  28 September the general meeting of the EDEN Network took place, when there was signed by the recently awarded destinations the Brussels Declaration on a European Network of Destinations of Excellence for Sustainable Tourism.
A 3 min promotional film was produced for Geoagiu Bai by the Commission freely available  to the destination for promotional activities. There was also created a special page for Geoagiu Bai  on the EDEN website
During 21-24 October 2010,  Geoagiu Bai participated to the Romanian Tourism Fair in Bucharest, within the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism stand, together with the destinations classified on the second place - Techirghiol and the third place - Sarata Monteoru Sarata, at the national EDEN contest for aquatic tourism. The destinations were awarded diplomas by the Secretary of State,  Mr. Eugen Curteanu.

You are welcome in the European Destination of Excellence

Geoagiu Bai!


Geoagiu B?i is hidden in the heart of the historical region of Transylvania - a watering and climatic resort. The rich hydrographic network featuring the Homorod, Geoagiu and Mure? rivers, together with the picturesque mountains create a unique natural landscape worth being discovered. The locals call the resort the ‘gift of the mountains’ referring to the mineral richness of the soils and the curative properties of the thermal springs. Today, the resort features various comfortable vantage points from where you can marvel at the magnificent scenery and soak up the tranquility of the setting. Apart from the beauty with which nature has blessed the region, the refreshing climate with mild winters and pleasant summers allows the resort to be open to visitors all year long.

The uniqueness of Geoagiu Bai:

Geoagiu B?i has something to offer to everybody as it is the perfect location to get active or simply unwind in the extensive and impressive wellness and spa facilities. Those in need of complete relaxation can recharge their batteries through aero-therapy, hot mineral water baths, thermal mud or herbs treatments. With its rich history and heritage, the springs are now one of the most important assets to the region as the locals believe they were blessed by Bendis, the Dacian goddess to keep their bodies and souls always young.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Romans’ Hill with its old springs which have been used by Romans
  • Visit The Roman Castrum, 8 km away from Geoagiu, headquarters of various Roman armies;
  • Watch the impressive Clocota Waterfall and the magnificent Cold Spring Fountain